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Videos and Associated Resources

The following videos cover a wide-range of public education topics:  Academic Reformation, Numeracy, Literacy, Academic Gaps, Equity, Pedagogy, Student Management, and Curriculum Areas in Mathematics, Literacy, and Science.


Additionally, curricular resources and referenced topics discussed in each video are attached for free download.

We hope these videos assist in the betterment of student outcomes in America's public schools.

   Counting UP to 

"Make 10"


A Required Numeracy Skill for Living in a Base 10 World  


 (1st Grade through 6th Grade)

Everything Youtube Thumbnail - Making 10 - Video 3 WIX.png

   Decimal and Fraction 

  Equivalency Pedagogy


'Use the Point' to Compute

    Equivalent Fractions  


 (4th Grade through 8th Grade)

Everything Thumbnail Decimal and Fraction Equivalency - USE WIX.png

Teaching Decimal 

Magnitudes Correctly


Improving Numeracy by

 "Thinking Money"  


 (4th Grade through 8th Grade)

Everything - Thumbnail - Teaching Decimal Magnitudes Correctly - USE WIX.png

   'Fractions Represent 

  Two Things'  -- Pedagogy


Improving Student

     Understanding of Fractions  


 (4th Grade through 9th Grade)

Everything About Public Schools - Fractions Represent Two Things - Thumbnail WIX.png

   Fractions, Decimals and 

  Mixed Numbers - "The Big Finish"


Connecting ALL fractional

     Elements in One Fell Swoop  


 (4th Grade through 9th Grade)

Everything About Public.png

   The Answer to

  Math Fact Mastery!


    School-Wide Student Numeracy

     Mastery in Any SES School Setting  


   (1st Grade through 8th Grade)

Coming Soon!

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